Bluetti Solar Generators AC 200 & AC 300 Sale

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Spring is a the beginning of the outdoor fun season. A portable power station with reliable power is essential when venturing in the great outdoors.

BLUETTI is a prominent manufacturer in the user-side energy storage industry, it’s now offering March Madness spring sales across some of its product lineups.


AC200P-Versatile Power Monster

BLUETTI is now offering the AC200P at its lowest price ever, you can buy it for just $1499 – about $200 lower than its regular price of $1699.

Bluetti AC 200 price


AC300 & B300: Game-changing Power Combo

Bluetti solar generator AC 200 price


AC200MAX- Best Mid-weight Power System

It allows a max 900W of solar input and 500W through AC charging. When being charged simultaneously with solar and AC wall outlet, AC200MAX can be charged up in less than two hours. With the BLUETTI App, everything happening in the AC200MAX can all be controlled and monitored from a distance.

Bluetti solar generator price

EB55 & EB70: Small Yet Packs a Punch

Bluetti solar generator

Other Recommended BLUETTI Bundles:

Product Model Original Price Spring Sale Offer Discount
AC200P $1,799 $1,499 $300
EB150 $1,099 $899           $200
EB240 $1,599 $1,199 $400
EB55-Gray $499 $449 $50
AC200P+3*PV200 $3446 $2779 $667
EB70S+PV200 $1148 $999 $149

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