Anker Powercore vs Powercore+: Selecting the Best Powerbank

PowerCore and PowerCore+ are the two main current brands of Anker – perhaps the most well known powerbank brand in the world. For most battery capacity points, you will notice that Anker has multiple powerbank models under both Powercore and Powercore+ brands. Please note, that the Astro brand of Anker products is now obsolete and it is highly advisable to only buy the PowerCore+/Powercore brands to get the best value for money and features.

Anker currently offers a huge number of powerbanks with different feature-sets but similar sounding names and prices, including many versions with obsolete features. For example, Powercore+ powerbanks with old Quickcharge 2.0 technology are still offered on Amazon and that too sometimes at higher prices than powerbanks with the latest  Quickcharge 3.0. Both these look exactly the same, and it is easy to end up buying an older model at higher price!

Similarly, Anker offers an incredible five types of PowerCore and PowerCore+ powerbanks in 20000 mAH battery capacity range! Similarly, it offers five types of different Powercore and Powercore+ models in 10000 mah battery capacity, three types of Powercore powerbanks in 26800mAH capacity, and three types of PowerCore portable chargers in 13000 Mah capacity.

PowerCore II Slim10000
PowerCore II 10000 Slim is the latest release in 10000 mah capacity and offers Quickcharge  3.0 Input/Output in a .6 inch slim pocketable package – better deal than PowerCore+ 10050!

Here, we will explain the difference between the similarly named PowerCore and PowerCore+ powerbanks to help you select the best power bank. Please note, that we have excluded the obsolete models of PowerCore+ and PowerCore powerbanks from our comparison tables. In general, PowerCore+ models have more extensive feature sets than PowerCore power banks and cost more. However, many of the latest PowerCore and PowerCore II models offer superb value for money and latest features such as Quickcharge 3.0 charging.

Anker PowerCore 10000 vs Anker PowerCore+ 10050

Anker currently offers five PowerCore powerbanks  in 10000 mAh range. A quick head to head comparison shows that the latest PowerCore II and PowerCore+ with QuickCharge 3.0 powerbanks are the only one that have both QC input and output and hence can both charge your phones and get recharged itself quickly in about 45 minutes. However, our PowerCore II Slim is our top pick as it far much slimmer than PowerCore+ and makes for an excellent pocketable powerbank.

If you prefer plain vanilla low-cost 10000 mAH version without Quickcharge, please note that there are actually two models – one with 1 port and the other with two ports. Anker also offers a version with only Quickcharge 3.0 Output (can charge your phone fast but gets charged itself slow). However, buying it makes sense ONLY if it is priced better than the top-end PowerCore+ model. Refer table below for the latest prices and purchase links from the only authorized Anker reseller – AnkerDirect.

Features PowerCore 10000 PowerCore II Slim 10000
PowerCore II 10000 PowerCore Speed 10000QC PowerCore+ 10050 QC 3.0
2.4 amp fast charging for Android & iPhones
Fastest charging for Samsung S9, S8, S7, S6, Note 8
QuickCharge 3.0 Output (to charge devices) QC 2.0 50% charge in 30 mins QC 2.0 50% charge in 30 mins QC 3.0 80% charge in 30 mins QC 3.0 80% charge in 30 mins
Time to charge the powerbank 8 hours 5 hrs with Quickcharge wall charger 5 hrs with Quickcharge wall charger 8 hrs 4 hrs with Quickcharge wall charger
Special Feature Ultralight (6.3 oz/180 gm) & best value New release, super slim at just .6 inches (7.8 oz weight) Best value New release, ultralight (6.8 oz) fast charging
Number of Ports 1 1 1 1 2

Anker PowerCore 20000 vs PowerCore+ 20100 vs PowerCore II 20000

Anker currently offers five PowerCore powerbanks  in 20000 mAh range. The PowerCore+ 20100 USB-C is the only power bank among these with USB-C input/output for fast charge/recharge and hence can both charge your phones and get recharged itself quickly in about 8 hours. However, it DOES NOT support QuickCharge 3.0 charging.

If you need QuickCharge charging, there are two 20000 mAH Quickcharge 3.0 output PowerCore models at lower price and look almost the same. But there is a very crucial difference – the newer version offers Quickcharge Input which lets you recharge your powerbank in just 4.5 hrs!! We therefore recommend the newer version: PowerCore Speed 20000 QC .

Then, at the tail-end, there are two plain vanilla models with no QuickCharge. The new PowerCore II 20000 is a bulky but high quality workhorse powerbank that has 3 ports and can charge  3 devices simultaneously at 2 amp each.  The last version is the two-port PowerCore 20000 that makes for an inexpensive but slim and quality buy. Refer table below for the latest prices and purchase links from the only authorized Anker reseller – AnkerDirect.

Features PowerCore 20100 PowerCore II 20000 PowerCore Speed 20000 PD with USB PD wall charger PowerCore Speed 20000 Anker PowerCore+ 20100 USB-C
2.4 amp fast charging for iPhones & Androids
QC 3.0/2.0 Fastest Charging for Samsung S9, S8, S7 QC 2.0 Input/Output 50% charge in 30 mins QC 2.0 Input/Output compatible QC 3.0 Input/Output 80% charge in 30 mins
USB C PD for fast charging iPhone XS, XS Max, XR, X, 8, 8+ 50% in 30 mins 30 watt max with USB PD 15-watt USB-C port but no USB-PD
Number of Ports 2 2 2 (1 USB and 1 USB-C) 2 3 (2 USB and 1 USB-C)
Special Features Slimmest and lightest general use model Best for both iPhones and Android phones New release
QC 2.0 input/output support is best for Samsung S9, S8, S7 and other Androids
Gets charged in 5 hrs
New release 22.5 watt USB-C PD output
Best for latest Android smartphones, iPhone X,8, 8+ and Macbooks
Gets charged in 4 hrs
QC 3.0 Input & Output,
Bet for Quickcharge 3.0 compatible phones such as HTC U11, LG V30, Sony XZ1 etc. Gets charged in 5 hrs
PowerCore 2000 PD is a better buy and available at less price. Has USB-C input/output for rapid charge recharge

Anker PowerCore 26800 vs PowerCore+ 26800

Anker currently has three PowerCore 26800 mAh models.

PowerCore+ 26800 PD is the latest model with USB-C PD 30-watt charging port. This model supports ultra-fast 30-watt charging for latest smartphones and USB-C laptops in the highest powerbank capacity allowed by TSA.  Please note, that this version has (somewhat faster) USB-C PD and does not support the QuickCharge 3.0.

PowerCore+ 26800 is the Quickcharge 3.0 Input/output version of the above powerbank.

At the end, is the plain vanilla PowerCore 26800 with no quickcharge but a notable feature – it has dual inputs and hence can be recharged in about 7 hours, which is fast for a powerbank of this capacity. Refer table below for the latest prices and purchase links from the only authorized Anker reseller – AnkerDirect.

Features PowerCore+ 26800 USB-C PD with 30-watt USB-C wall charger PowerCore+ 26800 QC 3.0 PowerCore 26800
18 watt USB PD charging for iPhone XS, XS Max, XR, X, 8, and 8+ 50% in 30 mins
QuickCharge 3.0 Input/Output USB-C PD input/Output is better
Time to charge the powerbank 4 hrs 5 hrs 7 hrs
Special Features 30 watt USB-PD charging for charging Macbooks, latest Android smartphones Samsung S9, S8, iPhone X, 8,8 + and Nintendo Switch etc. Will charge Quickcharge 3.0 compatible phones to 80% in 30 mins Gets charged in 7 hours using dual-input, No USB-C or QC 3.0
Number of Ports 3 3 3

Anker PowerCore 13000 vs PowerCore+ 13400

Anker has two models in 13000 mAh range.
The PowerCore+ 13400 comes with QuickCharge 3.0 output-only and is a good choice if you want a compact powerbank with QuickCharge output but with more capacity than the 10000 mAH version. Please note, that an older version of PowerCore+ 13400 DID NOT support Quickcharge Output and must be avoided.
The plain vanilla PowerCore 13400 is a less-known bargain at its current prices and is a good higher capacity alternative to the plain vanilla 10000 mah models. Refer table below for the latest prices and purchase links from the only authorized Anker reseller – AnkerDirect.
Features PowerCore 13000 PowerCore 15600 PowerCore 13000 C PowerCore+ 13400
Quickcharge Output > to charge phones Input > to quickly charge the powerbank itself
Special Notes Incredible Value for Money Compact PowerBank
8.4 oz weight
3 amp max output is perfect for iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 6S, 5, 4 etc. as well as Android phones
Great Value for Money
Good battery capacity per dollar
12.6 oz weight is almost as high as PowerCore 20000
Can be charged quickly by USB-C cable. We recommend PowerCore 13000 over this one QC 3.0 Output only
QuickCharge 3.0 Input/Output QC 3.0 Output only
Number of Ports 2 2 2 2

Anker PowerCore 5000 vs PowerCore Slim 5000 vs PowerCore Fusion 5000 vs Astro E1

Anker has four powerbanks in the 5000 mAH category.

PowerCore Slim 5000 is the ultra slim smartphone size powerbank with 2 amp input/output and premium looks – at a premium price.

PowerCore 5000 is the tiny cylinder-shaped model which is similar to the even-smaller lipstick-size PowerCore 3350. However, a killer feature of PowerCore 5000 is that it offers 2 Amp fast charging (as well as 2 Amp fast recharging of powerbank) which the 3350 version does not offer.

PowerCore Fusion 5000 is a unique combo of wall charger and powerbank and is a good choice if you want your wall charger and powerbank in one package. When used as wall charger, it will first charge your phone and then charge itself. It supports 2 amp fast charging as well.

At the tail end is the ultra low price but quite old Astro E1. This is one of Anker’s oldest bestseller models, and is also its lightest 5000 mAH powerbank. Between Astro E1 and PowerCore 5000, we recommend PowerCore 5000 as it gets charged in half time than Astro E1.

Refer table below for the latest prices and purchase links from the only authorized Anker reseller – AnkerDirect.

Features PowerCore Slim 5000 PowerCore Fusion 5000 PowerCore 5000 PowerCore+ 3350
Special Notes Super slim, light, and pocket friendly Combines foldable wall charger + powerbank > Great for travel Tiny 1-charge lipstick size powerbank
2 Amp fast charging
2 Amp fast charging for powerbank itself
Weight 4.27 oz 4.23 oz 4.8 oz 2.7 oz
Number of Ports 1 2 1 1
QuickCharge 3.0 Input/Output

6 thoughts on “Anker Powercore vs Powercore+: Selecting the Best Powerbank

  1. Hi Guys,

    I want to ask for a recommendation for the fastest and smallest power bank that supports fast charging for iPhone 8. Minimum 10,000mah.

    It’s have to be pocket size.


  2. Thanks for this website. It’s very helpful. Sorry for my English as I speak French.

    I have read everything but I still have a few questions. There are five PowerCore powerbanks in 20000 mAh range. Right now, I have an Iphone SE. I will soon upgrade to a newer Iphone version or maybe an android so I need a versatile powerbank. (I understand Iphone do not support quick charge). While on vacation, I would have to recharge both an cellphone and a compact camera. Should I go with the USB-C or the quick charge option?

    I am not sure I understand the difference between USB-C and quick charge 🙁

    I do not know which one to choose between the PowerCore+ 20100 USB-C, the PowerCore II 20000 and the PowerCore Speed 20000. Thanks a lot!

    1. Hi Murielle,

      Thanks for the query, your English is great! 🙂 Considering your unique requirements, we will first try to explain the latest Quickcharge vs USB-C PD situation and then recommend suitable powerbanks.

      As of now, all indications point that the trend is towards USB-C PD due to support from BOTH Google and Apple. The latest Apple iPhones (iPhone 8, 8x, & iPhone X) support a maximum of 18 watt USB-C charging allowing you to charge your phone to 50% in 30 mins and 80-85% in 1 hour. The latest and upcoming Android phones also support 15 to 30 watt power over USB-C as well.
      Therefore, the best future proof option among smartphone power banks is to select a good USB-C PD powerbank, preferably a 18 watt to 30 watt USB-C PD powerbank.

      If you have to choose among Anker’s currently available 20000 mAH products, the best pick is Anker PowerCore Speed 20000 PD which has a 22.5 watt USB-C PD output. It also comes bundled with a 30 watt USB-C charger and hence you will not have to buy the wall charger separately. It is out top choice as –
      – It supports iPhone X, 8, 8+ maximum charging current/speed
      – Latest Android phones’ maximum charging current/speed
      – 2 ports
      – Bundled high quality 30 watt USB-C wall charger makes it a great value for money buy
      – You can charge the powerbank in 4 hours with the USB-C wall charger

      Please do let us know if you have further queries.

      PS. Apologies for the late reply, our comment spam plugin had mistakenly blocked a lot of valid comments as well.

  3. Hi – A story idea for you:

    Just to let you know where I am coming from…I am currently looking for a large capacity power bank for use during hurricanes. I will be pairing it with a solar panel so I will be able to charge cell phones and other devices during a blackout that can last a week or so (or longer, poor PR!).

    So I am interested in the large power banks. 50000 m/Ah kind. These are kind of popular in this area. FYI hurricane season is June to October, peaking Aug and Sept. So if you are interested in getting traffic from this part of the world, maybe look into the high capacity products?

    I have no idea what I am doing, really, so it would be great to have some info.

    Thanks for reading

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