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We have aggregated a list of highest rated and best-selling portable power banks from around the Internet to help you find the most suitable portable mobile chargers for your needs. Almost all of these lists also feature our top recommended power banks, giving you the assurance that our recommendations are also supported by experts and tech sites from around the world. As always, we have also summarized the pros and cons of the topmost power banks so that you do not have to read through the long reviews. We have weeded out the fluff and also included handy links to the verified purchase customer reviews as well as quick buy links of these mobile portable chargers near each listing.

#1 Amazon Best Seller Power Banks

Amazon needs no introduction has the world’s premier retail site. Amazon best-sellers list is a handy place to see the top of the line powerbanks that other consumers are buying.


For just $9.99 Anker+ gives 2 full recharges for most smartphones! It is the best 10 bucks you can spend for getting a lipstick sized battery extender for your phone


#2 Amazon UK Best Seller Portable Chargers

Amazon UK is the next top English language retail site after and lists many products specific to the UK market.


Anker Astro E1 is an extremely compact USB Portable Charger
Anker Astro E1 gives 2 full charges for just about $20 . An excellent and extremely compact USB Portable Charger



#3 WireCutter – Best Power Banks list

WireCutter is a reputed tech site and there collection of best USB battery packs is one of the highest quality selections that we have seen. Here are the top 5 recommended USB portable chargers from Wirecutter. This list also stands out as it is one of the latest lists on the subject.


#4 Best Buy Top Seller External Battery Packs

Best Buy is one of the most popular electronics retailers and while their selection of best portable chargers may not be indicative of the best there is, due to their excessive focus on cheap products and discounts, still you can get an idea about the reputation and popularity of the USB portable chargers by having a look at there top selling brands. Here are the top 5:



mophie powerstation Pro 6000mAh Battery Pack
This Mophie powerbank is the highest rated portable charger on BestBuy though it costs about $79


 #5 Office Works USB Portable Chargers 

Office Works is a big retailer of office related products, but also sells personal use electronic gadgets as well that may have a relevant business application as well. There list of USB phone chargers is business oriented but is still quite informative.

#6 PC Advisor Best Portable Chargers 2016

PC Advisor is a reputed UK based tech sites. Their comprehensive list of 19 top USB power banks also includes many powerbanks available in US and Canada. The reviews at PC Advisor are quite cluttered and large but still we are including them for reference sake.

#7 Xiaomi’s Mi series power banks 

Chinese smartphone and tablet maker Xiaomi is fast making inroads into the powerbank market with extremely high quality and robust products at very low prices. Xiaomi’s Mi series powerbanks are our favorite and this page will give an easy reference for officail data on each of them

Xiaomi mi 10400 power bank external battery pack
Mi 10400 power bank gives an incredible 3-4 recharges and is also compact, rugged and cheap

#8 Digit’s Best External USB chargers

Digit is an Indian tech site. The list of reviewed power banks at Digit includes many of our top favourite USB mobile chargers available in US and Canada too and includes some handy extra information as well.

Xiaomi mi 16000 battery pack
Xiaomi’s 16000 mah battery back gives 4-5 full recharges! And also boasts sleek looks as well.

#9 Snapdeal Top Mobile Chargers

Snapdeal is an Indian deals site which also sells electronics items. The information on the site is a bit scarce but it does’nt harm to look at the best sellers!


Asus Zen Power Bank
Asus Zen is a compact credit card sized powerbank with big capacity! 3-4 recharges for just about $25. It is also one of the favorite’s at the Snapdeal

#10 Economic Times Best Rated Smartphone Portable Chargers

Economic Times tech recommendations are fairly decent and thankfully there list is also short. However, the Economic Times page is too cluttered, loaded with ads and offers cimbersome navigation. You can still refer them and will only find that our top favorite portable power banks are featured there too!

Asus Zen silver power bank
Asus Zen 10,400 mah Silver color version. One of our favorites with all the features and incredible price

#11 iMore Best Power Banks for iPhone

iPhones have a very small battery size and the new iPhone6s has an even lesser battery capacity compared to IPhone6. This makes a good portable battery pack a necessity for most iPhone users. iMore is a site dedicated to IPhone accessories and this recommends powerbanks that can be used with iPhones. to be honest, there is no distinguishing feature between these a mobile power banks for iPhone and a power bank for Android smartphone. However we are listing their top two choices here:

Anker Powercore 20000 mah external battery bank
Anker Powercore 20000 mah costs offers up to 7-8 recharges for iPhone or Android smartphones


#12  iMore best external power banks for iPhones (ultra-small)

This page is a more recent version of iMore’s collection of powerbank’s and mainly intended at user who want to buy power bank online that is ultra-small. Some of these external mobile power banks are indeed very small and most will provide one full battery top-up for your mobile device with a second partial top-up.

If we have to choose we will recommend theAukey Slim 6000mAh Power Bank as it gives up to 3 recharges and is a super fast charging power bank with 2.4 Amp output.

Another recommended super-portable mobile battery bank for iPhones is Anker Astro E1 because it offers faster charging 2 Amp port and gives 2 recharges for most phones.

Aukey Slim 6000 mobile battery bank is slim and complements your slim iPhone well
Aukey Slim 6000 mobile battery bank is slim and complements your slim iPhone well

#13 Gearbest Best USB power bank

Gearbest is a retailer that most ships extremely cheap electronics products direct from Chinese manufacturers. Most of the mobile battery banks listed on Gearbox page for iphone power banks are external power pack cases and cost very low. We will not really recommend these because of the questionable quality as well as poor warranty support. Buying a cheap mobile power pack may ruin your costly smartphone and hence our recommendation is to only go with reputed brands and use ultra-cheap versions only as a last case scenario.

Generic iphone external power pack case
Generic iPhone external power pack cases are cheap but warranty is a concerns as the manufacturers are not in US or Europe/Japan 

#14 Gizmodo Best Mobile Battery Packs

Gizmodo is one of the most renowned technology sites in the world and, being a dedicated tech site, their tech recommendations carry a bit of weight. The lits of portable batteries offred by Gizmodo Australia leans mostly on the heavy side but there are some good gems too. Here are top two powerbanks on Gizmodo list.

Luxa2 P Mega is a massive powerbank with 6 USB ports!
Luxa2 P Mega is a massive powerbank with 6 USB ports! it offers an incredible 41,600 mah – enough to charge most phones more than 12 times 

#15’s list of best 10 portable smartphone battery packs is a site known more for its entertainment news than tech reviews. They also have a tech section and their best portable mobile charger selection closely matches the ones on our list as well. here are the top three mobile battery bank picks from

Kmashi external battery bank excels by offers 10,000 mah of charging power
KMASHI 10000 external battery bank excels by offering 10,000 mah – 3-4 charges – at an incredible price of around $15




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