How to Charge iPhone 7 Plus Faster | iPhone 7 Plus Fast-Charge Guide

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The fastest supported charging speed by iPhone 7 Plus allows it to be charged from zero to 50% in just about 45 minutes. However, the charger that comes in with the iPhone 7 Plus does not support this faster speed charging. Here are some best ways to fast-charge iPhone 7 Plus at a speed of zero to 50% in 45 minutes –

Charge iPhone 7 Plus fast with 2.4 amp power adapter

You can use a 2.4 amp output wall charger to fast-charge the iPhone 7 Plus at its maximum possible speed. Anker Powerport 2 Elite 2.4 amp dual USB port charger is our recommended choice for 7 Plus because of its  2.4 amp dual port fast-charging ability and durable design. It will charge the 7 Plus from empty to half in about 45 minutes which is almost 40 minutes faster than the iPhone 7 Plus stock charger.

Though there are many single port 2.4 amp chargers in the market, the dual port chargers are a much more useful option as you can charge two phones or any other two devices at once. For example, you can charge your iPhone 7 Plus along with another iPhone or an iPad or even a power bank at 2.4 amp speed. As all iPads also support 2.4 amp fast charging, a dual port charger will allow you to charge both your iPhone and your iPad simultaneously without any compromise in charging speed.

Best 2.4 amp Fast-charging techniques for iPhone 7 Plus
Anker PowerPort 2 Elite has 2 ports and can charge two devices at once at 2.4 amps each

Also, a dual 2.4 amp USB charger is a great device if you own a power bank such as the Anker PowerCore 20100 or PowerCore Lite 10000 as it will charge the power bank in less than half the time taken by the iPhone charger! For example, PowerCore Lite 10000 takes almost 12-14 hours or more to get charged by the iPhone stock charger whereas it gets recharged in about 7-8 hours by the Anker PowerPort 2 Elite dual port charger.

Charge iPhone 7 Plus with a PD+ 2.4 amp adapter

PD chargers support 18-watt USB-C PD charging. All the newly launched iPhones starting from iPhone 8 to the iPhone XR, XS, X, etc. support 18-watt USB PD fast-charging. You can charge your iPhone 8, 8 Plus, XR, X, XS Max, etc. at a fast rate from empty to 50% in about 30 minutes by any USB-C PD charger such as the Anker Powerport PD 2 using a USB-C to Lightning cable.

Go for a dual port or multi-port PD charger with a 2.4 amp USB output for a more future-ready charging solution. For example, Anker Powerport PD 2 is a dual PD + 2.4 amp USB charger that will fast charge your iPhone 7 Plus and another latest iPhone such as 8, XR, XS, etc. at the same time at their respective fastest speeds.

Fast-charge iPhone 7 Plus with a QuickCharge 3.0/2.0 charger or power bank

iPhone 7 Plus requires 2 amp current @ 5 volts that can also be supplied to it by any Quickcharge 3.0/2.0 wall chargers. Most of the latest Android phone chargers such as LG G8, G7, V40, V30, etc. or any recent Samsung smartphone charger come with QuickCharge 2.0/3.0 support and hence, can fast-charge the 7 Plus as well.

You can charge the iPhone 7 Plus at a fast rate by the Samsung/LG/Moto phone charger if you own a QuickCharge 3.0/2.0 phone charger. Besides this, you can also use any QuickCharge 3.0 power bank such as RAVPower 10000 QC 3.0 or Anker PowerCore Slim 10000 to fast charge your iPhone 7 Plus.

Charge iPhone 7 Plus faster with a 2.4 amp portable charger

Power banks are the best way to charge your iPhone 7 Plus when you are not in reach of any power source. A 2.4 amp portable charger works as efficiently as a 2.4 amp wall charger for the 7 Plus and is the most essential accessory to carry when on the move.

Our picks for 2.4 amp charging capable, excellently built, and decently priced power banks for 7 Plus are- PowerCore Lite 10000 and PowerCore 20100.

7 Plus can also be fast-charged by QuickCharge 3.0/2.0 portable chargers at 2.4 amp speed. You can also use any QC 3.0/2.0 power bank such as RAVPower 10000 QC 3.0 or Anker PowerCore Slim 10000 to fast-charge the iPhone 7 Plus. Such power banks will also fast-charge any latest Samsung/Android phones that support QuickCharge 3.0.

2.4 or 2.1 amp of charging current required by 7 Plus is also supplied by many PD portable chargers that come with a regular USb port. If you own a PD compatible phone such as iPhone XR, XS,etc. or Samsung S10, S9, etc., then you can charge your 7 Plus along with your other PD phone at their fastest possible charging speed by any PD power bank such as Anker PowerCore 10000 PD or Aukey 10000 PD.

Charge iPhone 7 Plus with the iPad Charger

Almost all Apple’s iPads come with a 12 watt stock charger that can charge the iPhone 7 Plus faster than the iPhone stock charger. Also, the iPad Pro 2018/2019’s USB-C PD charger can fast-charge the 7 Plus at its maximum supported charging speed.

iPhone Fast-Charge: What It Does and Does Not Do

Every iPhone has a tendency to get fast-charged only till 80%. Once the battery level reaches to 80%, the charging current drops down to 1 amp and after that, it will not matter whether you use a 1 amp charger or 2 amp charger. This means, fast-charging is relevant in iPhones only when the battery is at a very low-level. For example, 7 Plus will get charged fast from level zero to 50% in about 80 minutes by the standard iPhone charger and only in about 40 minutes from a 2.4 amp charger . This cuts the charging time to 50% right-away by half by (40 minutes). Once you go above 60% charging time differences will be much lower.

Also, the battery size of the iPhone also matters and determines the time that a 2.4 amp charger will take to charge the iPhone. The bigger the battery size, the moe time you will save with a 2.4 amp charger in comparison to a 1 amp charger. For example, iPhone 7 Plus will get fully charged (zero to 100%) from a 2.4 amp charger in about 1 hour less than the stock Apple 1 amp charger.

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