Best iPhone 12 Adapters : Fast Charging USB-C Chargers

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The new Apple iPhone 12 family of phones is fantastic except for the missing chargers and earpods! Instead, the box simply has a USB-C to Lightning cable. While you can charge the iPhone 12, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max, 12 Mini with your old Apple iPhone charger, to fully take advantage of the iPhone 12 fast charging feature, the best iPhone 12 adapters are 20-watt USB-C PD chargers that can charge your iPhone 12, 12 Pro, 12 Mini etc. from zero to 60% in half-hour and zero to 88% in just 1 hour!

The new iPhones come with energy-hungry 5G support but have smaller batteries than the 11 series. So fast-charging is absolutely essential as the battery will drain quite fast if you use 5G for any reasonable time.

Most people who have an iPhone also often have some other device such as the Wireless Airpods, or an Apple Watch,  or iPad, or MacBook or may be a portable charger. Since you are getting a new power adapter, it is best to make the most of it and get a minimum dual port adapter or a 3 or 4 port adapter as then you can charge your phone and all other devices at same time a single wall charger. 

Most of Apple’s new accessories such as new Apple Watch 6 or the new MagSafe charger come with USB-C support and USB-C cable and so it is a good idea to get a power brick with minimum 2 USB-C ports.

Here is our pick of best iPhone 12 adapters –

Best One Port USB-C Bricks for iPhone 12 series

Best Two-Port Power Brick iPhone 12 & Apple Watch, Airpod, iPad

Best Three or Four-Port Power Block for iPhone 12 & Macbooks, iPad, Apple Watch, Airpods

Best iPhone 12 Adapters (USB-C PD Fast-Charging, One Port)

Aukey Omnia Mini 20-watt 

iPhone 12 adapter USB-C
Aukey Omnia Mini 20-watt is super-light at 1 oz or 30 grams

Aukey Omnia 20-watt USB-C wall charger  is our favorite fast-charging iPhone 12 adapter as it supports 20-watt USB-C PD for almost half the weight, size, and price of the official Apple power brick. The Aukey Omnia 20-watt is 1.13 inch x 1.13 inch x 1.20 inches and 1.1 oz (33 grams).

Aukey Omnia Mini 20-watt  will also charge latest USB-C iPads such as iPad Pro 2020/2018, Air 5/4 as well as all latest Pixels/LG ThinQ and Samsung S/Note phones.

Aukey Omnia 20-watt Pros

  • Excellent quality and value for money
  • 20-watt PD charges iPhone 12 zero to 60% in half-hour and zero to 88% in just 1 hour!
  • Half the wight/size of Apple 20-watt brick
  • Compatible with all older iPhones 11/XR etc. and 7/6/6s etc.
  • Great for use with MagSafe Wireless charger and Apple Watch 6 Airpods etc.


  • None

Apple USB-C PD iPhone 12 Adapter (20-watt)

USB-C adapter
The Apple 20-watt USB-C brick is pricey for the size and weight

Apple recently upgraded its 18-watt USB-C charging brick and replaced it with the 20-watt USB-C brick. The new Apple 20-watt USB-C adapter is of course 100% compatible with all iPhone 12 series phones though it is twice as large and heavy compared to lower cost USB-C chargers.


  • Maximum possible compatibility
  • Classic Apple build quality


Anker PowerPort III 20-watt

Anker iPhone 12 charger USB-C
Anker PowerPort III Nano is tiny but has no folding pins 

Anker PowerPort III 20-watt  is a 1-inch side cube and the tiniest 20-watt USB-C adapter available. It supports fastest 20-watt charging for the new iPhone 12. The PowerPort III Nano  weighs almost equal to Aukey Omnia Mini iPhone 12 Adapter USB-C at 1.2 oz (34 grams).

Just like the Omnia, it will also charge latest iPads and latest Android phones – Pixels/LG ThinQ and Samsung S/Note phones.

Anker PowerPort III Nano Pros

  • Smallest 20-watt PD wall adapter.
  • Half the size of its Apple counterpart
  • Compatible fast-charging for Apple MagSafe charger as well as Apple Watch 6, SE, Airpods, latest iPads, S/Note Samsungs/LG phones, and Pixels


  • None

Best iPhone 12 Dual Port Adapters – USB-C Fast-Charging (USB-C + USB-C)

iPhone 12 fast-charging and charge a MacBook/Apple Watch/AirPod/iPad from one power adapter

Aukey Focus 36-watt USB-C Charger

iPhone 12 adapter
Aukey Focus USB-C Adapter has two USB-C ports in a compact design

Aukey Focus 36-watt USB-C Charger is perhaps the best USB-C dual charger available right now. Also, the price is almost close to many single port USB-C PD chargers. It has two USB-C ports and a total output of 36-watts (18-watt USB C + 18 watt USB-C). Due to two ports,Aukey Focus USB-C Adapter can fast-charge an iPhone 12/12 Pro and an iPad Pro 2020 at the same time.

The Aukey Focus 36-watt  is better than similar Anker Powerport III Duo 36-watt  as Anker’s adapter can only output maximum 18 watts, even when a single port is used. Aukey Focus  can output 30-watt if only one USB-C port is used and can hence charge MacBooks and charge iPhone 12 Mini/12/Pro/Max at higher rate of 20-watt!

The Aukey Focus 36-watt  dual USB-C brick is 2.52 inch x 2.46 inch x 1.41 inches in dimensions and 4.1 oz in weight (115 grams). It has a folding plug design.

Aukey Focus 36-watt USB-C Charger Pros

  • Dual USB-C iPhone 12 adapter for fast-charging iPhone 12/11/XR and iPads or USB-C portable chargers at same time
  • iPhone 12 fast charging at 20-watt – zero to 60% in 30 mins, and zero to 88% in 1 hour
  • 18 + 18 watt dual USB-C output
  • Up to 30-watt output if single port is used, great for Macbooks.
  • Light for 2 ports
  • Folding design


  • None

Best USB-C iPhone 12 Adapters for MacBook Pro + iPhone/iPad (USB-C Fast-charging, Two Port)

Fast-Charge any iPhone 12 phone, and a MacBook Pro/Air, Apple Watch/AirPod/iPad from one wall charger 

Hyppr 100-watt Dual USB-C Charger for iPhone 12

Dual USB-C adapter for iPhone 12 Mini
Hyppr 100-watt USB-C charger is smaller than Apple MacBook 96-watt USB-C power brick 

Hyppr 100-watt Dual USB-C Charger is a high-output USB-C charger for your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air or any other USB-C laptop and iPhone 12/12 Pro/Mini/Max. Its maximum single port output of 100-watts fast-charges a MacBook Pro/Air/Surface Pro if one port is used. If both ports are used, it charges Macbooks at fast 45-watts and fast-charges an iPhone 12/12 Pro at maximum supported 20-watts at the same time!

Hyppr 100-watt Dual USB-C power adapter uses GaN (Gallium Nitride) circuitry for better, cooler operation and weight saving. At 6.9oz (197 grams) and 2.7 x 2.6 x 1.3 inches, it is much lighter and smaller than Apple MacBook 96-watt USB-C power brick.

Hyppr 100-watt MacBook Charger Pros

  • Fast-charges an iPhone 12 and MacBook at same time (45-watt + 20 watt)
  • 100-watt PD 3.0 single port output fast-charges MacBook Pro/Air and almost any USB-C laptop including Dell XPS 15/13 & Surface Pros
  • 45 watt + 45 watt PD dual port simultaneous output 
  • Smaller and better deal than Macbook 96-watt charger.
  • Foldable design
  • Great price


  • None

Best iPhone 12 Adapter USB-C for MacBook Air + iPhone 12/iPad Pro (Two Port)

iPhone 11/XR/12 and a MacBook/laptop/Apple Watch/AirPod/iPad from one power adapter

Aukey Focus 63-watt USB-C Dual Charger

Dual USB-C power adapter
Aukey Focus 63-watt can charges Macbooks at 60-watt & also fast-charges iPhone 12 

For Macbook Air owners who own an iPhone 12 as well, Aukey Focus 63-watt USB-C Charger hits the sweet as it has a single port output of 60-watts for MacBooks or USB-C laptops.

If both ports are used, it can still output 45-watts from one USB-C port for MacBook and fast-charges any iPhone 12 series phone at 18-watts from the other USB-C port

The Aukey Focus 63-watt  foldable design and has dimensions of 2.5 inch x 2.5 inch x 1.41 inches with 5.22 oz (148 grams) weight.

Aukey Focus 63-watt  Pros

  • Great price for two high output USB-C ports
  • 45 watt + 45 watt PD dual port output
  • 60-watt single port output for MacBook Air
  • Compact with foldable pins
  • Lighter than Apple’s Macbook 61-watt USB-C brick


  • None

Best Three-Port iPhone 12 Adapters for MacBook Air/iPad/AirPod/Watch/MagSafe

Fast-Charge iPhone 12 or MacBook Air, and charge 2 more  devices from one adapter

ZMI 3-port USB-C charger 45-watt PD+ 18-watt USB (63 watts total)

4-port USB-C adapter for iPhone 12
ZMI 3-port USB-C power brick is an incredible deal for multiple devices along with iPhone 12

Usually iPhone 12 users also have multiple other devices. A three-port or four-port USB-C charger with a mix of USB-C and regular USB ports will charge 3-4 devices at same time including iPhone/MacBook, Airpods, Apple Watch, power bank, iPad etc. ZMI 3-port USB-C adapter from Xiaomi/Mi (2nd largest phone maker after Samsung & Huawei) is an incredible value power brick with 63-watt total output (45-watt USB-C and 18-watt from other two USB ports). One 45-watt max USB-C PD port and 2 regular USB ports with combined 18-watt max output, it will charge all your USB-C/USB devices.

The total output of ZMI 3-port USB-C power brick is 63-watts –

  • When just USB-C port is used – Charges Macbooks at 45-watt or iPhone 12 at 20-watt or iPad Pro at 20-watt
  • USB-C port and one USB port – Outputs 45-watt from USB-C port and 18-watt Quickcharge capable output from USB port (45-watt USB-C PD + 18-watt USB). For charging Macbooks or fast-charging an iPhone 12 and charging one more phone or iPad or portable charger at same time.
  • USB-C port and both USB ports – 45-watt from USB-C port and 18-watt combined from the other ports (45-watt USB-C PD + 18-watt combined USB from 2 ports). For charging Macbooks or fast-charging an iPhone 12 and charging your Airpods and Apple Watch at same time.
  • Can charge a Macbook, an iPhone and an iPad at fast speeds at same time! or charge an iPhone 12, an Apple Watch and Airpods at same time!

ZMI 3-port USB-C charger is very compact at 2.75 inch x 2.4 inch x 1.2 inches weighing just 5 oz (150 grams). Its pins fold for easy storage.

ZMI 3-port USB-C adapter  Pros

  • Excellent price for combined 63-watt output with 45-watt USB-C PD output for Macbook Airs
  • 20 watt fast charging iPhone 12 adapter for all 12 series phones – mini, Pro, Pro Max
  • 25 watt PPS fastest charging for S20 series, Note 20/10 series
  • 18-watt QuickCharge capable USB ports
  • Extremely versatile charger – Fast charges all new/old iPhones & all old/new Pixels/Samsung S/Note.
  • Supports 25-watt USB-C PD PPS, 18-watt USB-C PD, 18-watt QuickCharge, & up to 45-watt USB-C PD
  • Folding design
  • Incredible value for money
  • Good build quality


  • None

Best Three-Port iPhone 12 Adapter USB-C for iPhone 12 & MacBooks/iPad/AirPod/Watch/MagSafe

Fast-Charge iPhone 12, MacBook, and Apple Watch/AirPod/iPad from one wall adapter

Aukey Omnia 90w PD 3-port USB-C Adapter

Four port USB-C adapter for MacBooks
Aukey Omnia 90w PD 3-port has two USB-C ports and one USB port

If you own a MacBook Pro or a bigger USB-C laptop, then Aukey Omnia 90w is a great all-in-one charger with 90-watt output in single port mode and smart power distribution for charging a number of devices at fast speeds at same time.  2 USB-C PD ports and 1 regular USB port offers the flexibility to charge a lot of devices from a single power brick.

The max possible output of Aukey Omnia 90w PD 3-port USB-C Brick is 90 watts –

  • Single USB-C port only – Charges Macbooks or USB-C laptops at up to 90-watt
  • Both USB-C ports only – Max 60-watt PD from one USB-C port and 30-watt from other USB-C port (60-watt USB-C  + 30-watt USB-C). For charging Macbooks at 60-watt and fast-charge an iPhone 12/or iPad Pro 2020.
  • When all ports are used – 60 watts from one USB-C PD port and 12 watt each from other two ports  (60w USB-C + 12 watt USB-C + 12-watt USB) for total 84 watts.
  • Charges a Macbook, an iPhone 12 and an iPad at fast speeds at same time!

Any of the two USB-C ports fast-charges iPhone 12/12 Pro from empty to 60% in 30 mins and fast charge iPhone 12, 11/XR from empty to 60% in 30 mins.

Aukey Omnia 90w PD 3-port USB-C PD charger is a compact 2.5 inch x 2.44 inch x 1.3 inches weighing just 6.7 oz (190 grams). Its pins fold for easy storage.

Aukey Omnia 90w PD  Pros

  • Great price for 90-watt USB-C PD output & three ports
  • Up to 90w fast-charging for Macbooks & USB-C laptops
  • 20 watt iPhone 12 fast charging from both USB-C ports
  • Auto-adapting 90-watt output gives 60 watt PD + 30-watt PD max
  • Compact at 2.5*2.45*1.3 inches
  • Lighter than Apple 87 watt USB-C charger
  • Fast charges iPhone 12/11/XR/SE 2020/XS/XS Max/8/8+ & Samsung S/Note.
  • Folding design


  • None

iPhone 12 Power Adapter Price

Here are latest indicative prices for the new Apple iPhone 12 series phones –

  • Single Port  – From $10 to $20 – one USB-C port with 20-watt maximum output
  • Two Ports – From $15 to $20  – one USB-C port and a USB port with 30-watt maximum output
  • Two USB-C Ports – From $25 to $20 – two USB-C ports (18w + 18w atts) 36-watts or 30 watt from one port
  • Two USB-C Ports MacBook Capable –  From $30 to $50 two USB-C ports (45w/60 + 45/45 watts) 100 watts maximum from one port
  • Three or four portsMacBook Charging – From $40 to $60 Two USB-C ports and one or two regular USB ports with 100 watts maximum output

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