Best iPhone 12 Chargers – Fast USB-C Power Adapters

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The newly released Apple iPhone 12 family phones do not come with a charger but come with a USB-C to Lightning cable. All 12 series iPhones support 20-watt USB-C fast charging and can be charged from empty to 50% in just 25 to 30 mins . Therefore, the fastest and best iPhone 12 chargers are 20-watt USB-C PD power adapters as these charge your phones super-fast and you need not buy any new cable.

If you also have an Apple Watch, or Airpods, iPad, MacBook or a portable charger, you can consider a multi port charger to reduce clutter as this will let you charge two, three or even four devices at same time from a single compact power adapter. For example, you can fast-charge the iPhone 12 Pro, an Apple Watch 6, a MacBook Air, and an iPad at the same time from Aukey Omnia 100w 4-port USB-C Charger.

Apple’s latest fast-charging MagSafe Wireless charger for iPhones also requires a USB-C adapter.

Here is our pick of best iPhone 12 USB-C adapters –

Best One Port USB-C Adapters for iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12/Pro/Pro Max

Best Two-Port USB-C Adapters for iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12/ 12 Pro/12 Pro Max & Apple Watch, Airpod, iPad

Best 3 and 4-Port USB-C Chargers for iPhone 12 Pro Max, Pro, Mini, iPhone 12 & Macbooks, iPad, Apple Watch, Airpods

Best iPhone 12 Chargers (USB-C Fast-Charging, One Port)

Aukey Omnia Mini 20-watt USB-C adapter

iPhone 12 charger
Aukey Omnia Mini 20-watt is small and weigh just over 1 oz or 30 grams

Aukey Omnia 20-watt USB-C adapter is our #1 pick as fastest iPhone 12 USB-C charger as it supports 20-watt PD charging and is super-compact as well as easy on the wallet. The Aukey Omnia 20-watt USB-C adapter is 1.13 inch x 1.13 inch x 1.20 inches and feather-light at 1.1 oz (33 grams). Its does not have folding pins but as the adapter is tiny it is not a problem.

Aukey Omnia Mini 20-watt  also fast-charges latest USB-C compatible iPad Pro 2020/2018, Air 4/3, iPad Mini 5, and all latest Samsung S/Note phones as well as all Google Pixels.

Aukey Omnia 20-watt Pros

  • Solid build quality at attractive price
  • 20-watt output for charging latest iPhone 12 phones at max speed.
  • Compact at 1.13 inch x 1.13 inch x 1.20 inches
  • Smaller/Lighter than Apple 20-watt USB-C adapter
  • Fast charges all latest iPads, S/Note Samsungs/LG phones, and Pixels
  • Also compatible with MagSafe charger as well as Apple Watch 6, SE, apple Airpod charger etc.


  • None

Apple 20-watt iPhone USB-C Adapter

USB-C adapter
Apple 20-watt USB-C charger is larger & heavier than Aukey/Anker adapters

The Apple 20-watt USB-C adapter is a good choice if you want complete peace of mind and maximum possible compatibility. Do note that it is 2x as larger and heavier than better priced similar USB-C bricks.  You can also get it directly from Apple at Apple 20-watt USB-C power adapter


  • 100% Apple compatibility
  • Solidly built


Anker Nano PowerPort III 20-watt PD Adapter 

Anker iPhone 12 USB-C charger
Anker PowerPort III Nano is similar to Aukey’s Omnia 20-watt 

Anker PowerPort III Nano 20-watt  is our next pick. It is a tiny cube-shaped, compact – perhaps the smallest available 20-watt USB-C PD adapter – with support for fastest charging for iPhone 12 mini, 12/Pro/Max. The Anker PowerPort III Nano  is just 1.1 inch x 1.1 inch x 1.18 inches and but weighs same as Aukey Omnia 20-watt (1.1oz/33gm) at 1.2 oz (34 grams). Same as the Aukey, its pins do not fold.

Anker PowerPort III Nano Pros

  • Very Compact
  • Lighter/Smaller than Apple 20-watt USB-C adapter
  • Fast charges all latest iPads, S/Note Samsungs/LG phones, and Pixels
  • Also compatible with MagSafe charger as well as Apple Watch 6, SE, apple Airpod charger etc.


  • Pricey with no real advantage over Aukey. Smaller than Apple charger and a good option if you are an Anker fan.

Best iPhone 12 Chargers – USB-C Fast-Charging, Two Ports (USB-C + USB-C)

Fast-Charge iPhone 12, and a MacBook/Apple Watch/AirPod/iPad at same time

Aukey Focus 36-watt USB-C Adapter

USB-C power brick
Aukey Focus USB-C Adapter has foldable plug type design and compact body

Aukey Focus 36-watt USB-C Adapter is perhaps the best dual USB-C port adapter we have seen so far thanks to its high 30-watt PD output when using just a single USB-C port. Also, the price is almost close to many single port USB-C PD chargers. It has two USB-C ports with total output of 36-watts (18-watt + 18 watt). This means Aukey Focus USB-C Adapter will fast-charge an iPhone 12 Pro and an iPad Pro 2020 at the same time. It will even charge Macbooks at a good 30-watt when charging via just one USB-C port.

The 30-watt maximum single-port output makes it better deal than similar Anker Powerport III Duo  as Anker’s adapter can output max 18-watt from a port. Also, this means that Aukey Focus 36-watt Adapter can fast-charge iPhone 12 mini/12/Pro/Max at maximum supported 20-watts when charging via one port only while the Anker Powerport III Duo is limited to slightly slower 18-watt.

The Aukey Focus 36-watt  dual USB-C port power brick is 2.52 inch x 2.46 inch x 1.41 inches and 4.1 oz (115 grams). It has a easy-to-store folding plug design.

Aukey Focus 36-watt Adapter Pros

  • Great dual USB-C port iPhone 12 charger for charging iPhone and one more device
  • 20-watt output for iPhone 12/12 Pro to 50% in 25 mins, and 12 Mini to 50% in 20 mins
  • 18 + 18 watt output can fast charge an iPhone 12/11/XR and an iPad Pro (or a fast-charging USB-C power-bank) at same time at 18-watts
  • Maximum 30-watt single port output for Macbooks.
  • Compact and light. Almost Same weight/size as Apple single port USB-C charger.
  • Also fast-charges iPhone 11/XR/SE 2020 & Samsung S/Note phones/Pixels 5/4/3/2.
  • Foldable Plug design


  • None

Best iPhone 12 Adapters for MacBook Pro + iPhone/iPad (USB-C Fast-charging, Two Port)

Fast-Charge iPhone 12, and a MacBook Pro/Apple Watch/AirPod/iPad at same time

Hyppr 100-watt Dual USB-C port Power Adapter for iPhone 12

Dual USB-C charger for iPhone 12 Pro Max
Hyppr 100-watt USB-C power brick is smaller than MacBook 96-watt charger

Hyppr 100-watt Dual USB-C port Power Adapter is a great high-output PD charger if you need a sible charger for your MacBook Pro/Air and iPhone 12/12 Pro/Mini/Max. With a total output of 100-watts (18-watt + 18 watt), it can fast-charge a MacBook Pro/Air at fast 45-watts and fast-charge an iPhone 12/12 Pro at 20-watts at the same time!

When just one port is use, it will charge Macbooks at maximum supported 100 watts!

Hyppr 100-watt Dual USB-C uses the latest GaN chips for better efficiency, cooler operation, and light weight. Weighing 6.9oz(197 grams) and 2.7 x 2.6 x1.3 inches, it is lighter and smaller than MacBook 96-watt USB-C PD charger, and a much better deal as it charges your Phone and MacBook at same time!

Hyppr 100-watt Dual USB-C Charger Pros

  • Fast-charges an iPhone 12 and MacBook at same time
  • 100-watt PD 3.0 output can fast-charge any MacBook Pro/Air
  • 45 watt + 45 watt PD dual port simultaneous output can fast charge an iPhone 12/iPad and Macbook at same time.
  • Much smaller than Macbook 96-watt charger.
  • Foldable Plug design
  • Great price


  • None

Best Fast Charging iPhone 12 Adapter for MacBook Air + iPhone/iPad (Two Port)

Fast-Charge iPhone 12, and a MacBook/Apple Watch/AirPod/iPad at same time

Aukey Focus 63-watt USB-C Dual Charger

USB-C fast-charger adapter
Aukey Focus 63-watt  is great for charging Macbook Air & iPhone 12 at same time

If you do not own a MacBook Air, and do not require 100-watts high output of Hyppr 100-watt Dual USB-C Adapter, then Aukey Focus 63-watt USB-C Charger is a great and lower priced dual USB-C charger. it has a maximum single port output of 60-watts, making it perfect for MacBook Airs.

If both ports are used at same time, it can deliver 45-watts from one USB-C port to the MacBook and fast-charges iPhone 12 18-watt from the other port

The Aukey Focus 63-watt  has a convenient foldable design is just 2.5 inch x 2.5 inch x 1.41 inches and weighs just 5.22 oz (148 grams).

Aukey Focus 63-watt USB-C Dual Charger Pros

  • Attractive Price
  • Can charge MacBook at 45-watt + fast-charge iPhone 12 at 18-watt at same time
  • 60-watt single port output for MacBooks/USB-C laptops
  • Compact at 2.5×2.5 inches
  • Lighter than Apple Macbook 61-watt adapter
  • Foldable Pins


  • None

Best Three-Port iPhone 12 Adapter for iPhone 12 & MacBooks/iPad/AirPod/Watch/MagSafe

Fast-Charge iPhone 12, MacBook, and Apple Watch/AirPod/iPad at same time

Aukey Omnia 90w PD 3-port Adapter

Three port USB-C charger for MacBooks iPhone 12
Aukey Omnia 90w PD 3-port has two USB-C and one regular USB port

Most people have multiple devices that require charging and carry multiple power adapters for each. A three or four port USB-C adapter with mix of USB-C and USb ports can serve as a common charger and take care of a number of old/new devices including any iPhone/MacBook or laptop/Airpods/Apple Watch/power bank/iPad etc.  Aukey Omnia 90w is a great all-in-one charger with maximum 90-watt output and smart power distribution for charging multiple devices at fast speeds at same time. With 2 USB-C PD ports and 1 regular USB port, it offers the flexibility to charge all your devices from a single AC outlet.

The total output of Aukey Omnia 90w PD 3-port USB-C Brick is 100-watts –

  • Single USB-C port only – Charges Macbooks at 90-watt
  • Both USB-C ports only – it can deliver max 60-watt PD from one port and 30-watt from other (60-watt USB-C  + 30-watt USB-C). great for charging Macbooks at 60-watt and fast-charge an iPhone 12/or iPad Pro 2020 at max possible 20-watts.
  • When all 3 ports are used – Aukey Omnia 90w Adapter outputs 60-watt from one USB-C PD port and 12 watt each from other two ports  (45w USB-C + 23 watt USB-C + 12-watt USB-C) for a total output of 84 watts.
  • Can charge a Macbook, an iPhone 12 and an iPad at fast speeds at same time!

Any of the two USB-C ports can be used to fast-charge iPhone 12/12 Pro/Mini/12 Pro Max, XR/11 from empty to 50% in 25-30 mins.

Aukey Omnia 90w PD 3-port USB-C Brick is a compact 2.5 inch x 2.44 inch x 1.3inches weighing just 6.7 oz (190 grams). Its pins can be folded for travel and pocket storage.

Aukey Omnia 90w PD  Pros

  • Excellent price for 90-watt USB-C output
  • 90w fast-charging for Macbooks
  • 20 watt fast charging for iPhone 12, mini, Pro, Pro Max
  • Smartly distributed 90-watt output gives 45 watt PD + 45-watt PD max
  • Compact at 2.7*2.7*1.3 inches
  • Lighter than Apple 87 watt USB-C charger and gives three ports for lesser weight and size
  • Fast charges all new/old iPhone 11/XR/SE 2020 & Samsung S/Note.
  • Folding design


  • None

iPhone 12 Charger Price

  • About $10-$20 for only one USB-C port 20-watt max
  • $15-$20 for one USB-C port & a USB port 30-watt Max
  • $25-$30 for two USB-C ports Low output 36-watt Max
  • $30-$50 for two USB-C ports High output 100-watt max
  • $40-$60 for three or four ports with two USB-C ports and one or two regular USB ports 100-watt Max

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