Polanfo M50000 Ultra Compact Power Bank Review

 May seem like a well-priced slim power bank on paper but has inconsistent performance and way too many quality complaints due to it inconsistent build quality. Its competitors have much better products at same price. For an excellent ultra low-cost power bank in this price &  battery capacity range, we highly recommend Xiaomi Mi 10000 powerbank

Half Star Avoid it!

What We Like

  • Priced low
  • Slim and pocketable power bank
  • 2 ports with a fast charging port that supports maximum charging current for iPhone 6, 7, 7+ (2.1 amp)
  • Robust construction

What We Don’t Like

  • Inconsistent build quality and performance across different purchased items.
  • Not reliable!
  • The powerbank gets charged in about 9 hours due to slow 1 Amp charging
  • Misleading name hints at higher capacity!

The Polanfo M50000 powerbank combines 12,000 mAH capacity (2 to 3 charges for most smartphones & 4 recharges for iPhone 7) in a very slim and pocketable package (less than half inch thick) at a quite low price. The power bank’s slim and compact design goes well with modern slim phones. The slim design allows you to easily keep it in your pockets – something only very pricey powerbanks can offer.

Polanfo M50000 powerbank will give about three complete charges for iPhone 6s and two complete charges for Samsung Galaxy S6.

Know Before Buying

Many vendors on online marketplaces are marketing this 12000 mAH battery bank with claims of a 20000 mAH capacity. Partly, this is because the M50000 name gives a wrong idea about the battery capacity and makes you think it is a 50,000 or 20,000 mah powerbank!

Slim and Light power bank

Best slim power bank
The Slim design of Polanfo 20000m goes well with modern slim phones such as the Iphones 

Polanfo M50000 powerbank is easily one of the most compact and lightest power banks in the 10,000 mah category.

It has a weight of just 8 ounces (240 grams) and size of 5.6 inches  by 2.9 inches with  .4 inch thickness. The weight is about that of a lighter, making it smaller in dimensions than a typical big screen smart phone and less than half the thickness of typical .9 inch thick powerbanks..

Price-wise, weight-wise  and capacity-wise, Anker PowerCore 10000 mAH powerbank is a better choice  as it offers higher 10000 mAH capacity at an even lower weight of 6.6 oz (187 grams)!!!  The latest version Anker PowerCore 10000 with QC 3.0 output even offers QuickCharge 3.0 output for charging your smartphones to almost 80% capacity in 30 mins, though at a bit higher price.

However, the Polanfo M50000 powerbank beats Anker 10000 powerbanks in slim size and has it a thickness of just .4 inches compared to .90 inches when compared to Anker 10000 powerbanks. This makes  Polanfo 20000 half as thick as Anker Powercore 10000  powerbanks and extremely easy to slip in your pockets or the handbag.

Thanks to the lithium-polymer battery technology, this mobile battery bank can pack its massive charging capacity in a very lightweight, slim and compact package. The lithium-polymer batteries give it a weight advantage of 20-30% over equivalent capacity Li-ion batteries and also offer better long-term battery life.

However, the metal edges of this portable battery pack are a bit sharp and, when combined with the all metal construction, can leave scratches  on you phone’s screen. This portable mobile battery pack comes with 2 USB cables – another small but handy plus.

Fast Charging Power Bank

Ultra compact power bank
Polanfo 20000m weighs just 7.2 ounces or 200 grams

The  Polanfo M50000 powerbank  has one 2.1 A fast charging port and a 1 A standard USB charging port. The fast charging port will allow you to charge your smartphone at about twice the speed of the normal charging port. Both ports offer stable power that ensures complete safety for your pricey smartphones.

The battery pack itself gets charged in just 8-9 hours from a 1 Amp typical phone charger. Why Always using Fast Charging is NOT always a good idea in your power bank

Solid & Classy Aluminium Construction

The power bank has a sturdy Aluminium construction, which when combined with its light size makes it very rugged as well as good looking.

All Advanced Protection Features

The Polanfo M50000 powerbank  comes with all advanced power bank safety features such as surge protection, overcharge, short- circuit protection protection etc.

LED Flashlight

A bright LED flashlight further adds to the functionality- a small but handy feature in emergency situations. The massive battery capacity  means that as a flash light it will go on for days.

5 year Warranty claim?

Most power banks come with 1 year warranty. The better ones come with one and half year warranty. The 5 year warranty of  Polanfo M50000 powerbank may indicate confidence of the manufacturer and the seller in the quality of the product. However, the shady capacity claim does cast a cloud over the manufacturers integrity.

Best compact power bank
Six color options are available for the Polanfo including Blue, Grey and Gold

6 color options

Polanfo M50000 powerbank is available in six colors – Silver, Gold, Blue, Pink, Black, Gray – giving lots of style options.

No QuickCharge or Pass-Through Charging

In case you are wondering, this portable mobile charger does not come Qualcomm Quickcharge for ultra-fast charging and pass-through charging which lets you charge devices as the power bank itself is being charged.  However, this is not a big worry given its modest 8000 capacity. The integrated fast-charging port (2.1 A) offers twice the speed of normal (1. A) charging ports and charges it in 4 hours! No slim or ultra-compact powerbank, even from other manufacturers, offers these features and therefore it is not really a concern.

Please note that you will need a 2 Amp wall charger such as Anker 24 W dual USB wall charger  or Aukey dual USB wall charger to charge this powerbank in half the time (4 hours) than normal.

A latest Quickcharge 3.0 charger such as the Aukey dual USB port QC 3.0 will also charge it in 4 hours through automatic adaptive charging.

In case you are wondering why we only mention dual port chargers: We always recommend buying a dual port charger as it allows you to charge both your phone and powerbank at once from the same power outlet! This feature can be very helpful in places such as airports, during travel, and hotel rooms where power outlets are rare.

Also, most modern power banks do not offer pass through charging anymore as it damages the battery and reduces battery-life.

Mixed Reviews from the Users & Inconsistent Quality

While an Amazon rating of over 4.1 from 300+ reviewers indicates that a somewhat better product, we have received disproportionately high complaints regarding the products from the users when compared with other powerbanks. The 5-year warranty and good reviews for the warranty do not exactly act as subsutitute for a customer of the  Polanfo M50000 powerbank and the hassle of return and shipment of a low-cost defective powerbank is mostly just not worth the effort. However, that said, the Polanfo M50000 powerbank  external battery is an incredible value for money and we think that the company can offer a real alternative buying choice to customers with some stringent quality checks before shipping the product.

Till then, we recommend that you are better off buying a reliable products from the likes of Anker, RAVPower, or Aukey such as Anker PowerCore Slim, Anker PowerCore 10000, or RAVPower 10400, or Aukey 10000.

6 thoughts on “Polanfo M50000 Ultra Compact Power Bank Review

  1. I got this for Christmas 2016. If it has a five year warranty, where do I send it? It’s not taking any kind of charge. Thank you.

    1. Hi Lisa,
      It seems that the shady company behind the brand has now completely disappeared. We had rated it very low because of the powerbank’s complete lack of reliability and shady customer support. Your powerbank, unfortunately, is most likely a brick now. Please dispose it as a hazardous object at a hazardous waste collection point (you can ask your local landfill). You can also locate your nearest battery recycling drop off location at this link.


  2. I’ve used this powerbank one time now it won’t charge. I’ve let the power bank sit on a AC outlet over night go to charge my IPhone 6s but when I plug in the LED 25% light is the only thing flashing it won’t stop flashing on that light. I started to think that the light may be broken but 10 min into chartering I have to keep turning the M20000 on over and over again please help maybe I’m charger wrong or the product is defective. Other than that the product is really good

    1. Hi Michael, After remaining connected to the AC outlet for the whole night, the 20000m must get fully charged. How many lights were lit up when you finished charging the powerbank?
      If none or just one, then try recharging it again from a different outlet and check if all the four lights get lit up on the powerbank getting fully charged (in 6-10 hours depending on your wall charger).
      Also, how many lights are constantly turned on and how many flicker when you connect the phone for charging?
      It is okay for the powerbank lights to turn off after some time, you do not have to keep turning the lights on. Just check if the phone’s battery is getting charged when the lights are off. If not, then get the powerbank quickly replaced!

      Also we hope that you have bought it from a reputed dealer such as Ronnie Tech as lots of questionable sellers also sell this product. Here is the link for purchasing Ponafo 20000m from our recommended seller Ronnie Tech .

      1. The same thing has happened to me. I got this for my birthday on August 5th and I’ve used it twice. Today, after leaving it charging all night, it won’t even hold a 25% charge. I’m very upset and disappointed in this product.

        1. Hi Mary, Most likely you have received a defective product. This is usually the catch with low-cost Powerbank suppliers like Polanfo as the quality is not consistent as the established brands such as Anker or RAVpower.. However, Polanfo fortunately has excellent replacement policy and we suggest that you quickly report and seek a replacement or return for your powerbank.

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