Best Wireless Chargers for iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max & iPhone 12 Mini

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The new Apple iPhone 12 series phones support fast wireless charging up to 15-watts. Currently, only the Apple Magsafe Wireless Charger can charge the iPhone 12 series phones at fastest possible 15-watts and you still need to buy a USB-C AC adapter for the Magsafe Charger separately – or you can get a dual USB-C port adapter for fastest charging of both the iPhone 12 and the Magsafe Charger.

However, if the cost of MagSafe Charger + USB-C adapter seems a bit high, then there are lower-cost good quality wireless chargers from Anker and other reputed vendors that will charge your iPhone 12 at 7.5 watts – perfect to fully charge the phone from empty in 3-4 hours in the night, or to keep the phone constantly charged at your desk.

We prefer wireless chargers that come with an AC adapter as a finding an exactly compatible AC adapter is an additional expense. We have selected our top picks based on charging performance/speed, build quality, warranty/service support, ability to charge devices reliably in any orientation and with the case on.

Best Wireless Charger for iPhone 12 Pro Max, Pro, Mini, & iPhone 12 (Charging Stand)

Anker Powerwave II 15-watt Qi Wireless Charging Stand with AC Adapter

Our top wireless charging stand/pad for iPhone 12 series phones & SE 2020 as well as iPhone 11, 11 Pro, XR, XS, X, 8, 8+ is Anker PowerWave II Wireless charger. Charging stands are more convenient than flat charging pads as you can view the display and respond to messages, calls etc. while charging. Here are our top reasons for choosing the Anker PowerWave II Wireless charger :

  • It offers reliable and dependable charging with protective case on
  • 7.5 watt charging support for iPhone 12 & 11/XR etc.
  • Integrated adapter makes it an excellent deal compared to competitors
Wireless charger for iPhone 12 Mini
Anker PowerWave II 15-watt comes with an AC adapter and tiny LED that does not disturb sleep

Anker PowerWave II 15-watt Wireless charger has a small LED notification light that does not interfere with sleep. Two charging coils in PowerWave II means you can place your iPhone either in landscape mode or portrait mode for charging. The charger can charge with protective cases of up to 5 mm width! – that covers almost all good cases. This makes it a convenient pick-and-go wireless charger.


  • Fastest possible (for non-Magsafe) 7.5 wireless charging speeds for iPhone 12, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max, 12 Mini, 12, 11, 11 Pro, XR, XS, X, 8, 8+.
  • Can also charge Samsung S20, S10 and Note 20/10/9 at 15-watt
  • Fully charges iPhone 12 mini in about 3 hours & iPhone 12/12 Pro in 4 hours
  • Integrated wall charger
  • Well priced
  • Sleep friendly small notification LED
  • Good build quality
  • Two coils for good charging performance in both portrait or landscape mode
  • Charges reliably with protective cases up to 5 mm


  • Integrated charger is good but making it detachable for charging the phone if required would have been handy.

Best Wireless Charger for iPhone 12, Pro, Pro Max, Mini (Charging Stand)

Aukey Fast Wireless Charger Stand No Adapter – Good combo with Aukey Focus Dual Port USB-C fast-charger for iPhone 12

The Aukey wireless charger stand is our next favorite stand for iPhone 12 and older iPhones that support wireless charging. It is not a good deal as our #1 pick the incredible Anker PowerWave II  which comes with an adapter. We recommend the excellent Aukey Focus 30-watt Dual port charger for this wireless charger. This charger will fast-charge your iPhone 12/12 Pro at 20-watts (zero to 50% in 25 mins) from the PD port. This makes it a two in one charger for both the iPhone and the wireless charger stand.

If you already have an AC charger for your iPhone 12 and need an inexpensive permanent fixed place adapter for the wireless charger only, we recommend the Aukey 12-watt charger. This wireless charger + adapter combo gives you even better value for money than Anker PowerWave II.

Best wireless charger stand for iPhone 12 Pro
 Aukey wireless charger  can charge iPhone 12 as well as latest Samsung S/Note

The Aukey wireless charger stand has two coils and you have the choice of placing your phone horizontally or vertically in an angled standing position for easy view and access to the display.

The Aukey wireless charger  has a very unique two-piece design that looks very different from other wireless stands. It has good build quality, and can wireless charge iPhone 12 with cases as thick as 5mm.

There are two charging status LEDs placed at back of the charger that do not cast direct light to the front and hence do not affect sleep. The Aukey wireless charger  supports maximum 7.5 watt charging for iPhone 12 series and it translates to full charge for iPhone 12 Pro/iPhone 12 in 4 hours

The Aukey wireless charger is also a great wireless charger for not just iPhone 12, 11, 11 Pro, XR, XS, X, iPhone 8, and iPhone 8+ but also Samsung S/note and Pixels and charges latest Samsungs Pixels at 10-watt.


  • Fastest supported (for non-Magsafe) wireless charging for all iPhone 12 series phones & iPhone 11/Xr etc. @ 7.5 watt
  • Also charge Samsung S/Note & Pixels at 10-watt
  • Charges iPhone 12 mini fully from empty in about 3 hours & iPhone 12/12 Pro in 4 hours
  • Sleep friendly LED status lights
  • Good build quality
  • Unique look and finish
  • Slimmer than other stands
  • Two coils for charging in either portrait or landscape mode
  • Can charge with cases up to 5mm


Best Wireless Charger for iPhone 12, Pro, Pro Max, Mini (Charging Pad)

RAVPower Fast Wireless Charger Pad 7.5 watt wireless with AC adapter

RAVPower Fast wireless charger Pad  is a high quality fast-charging wireless pad  that supports the fastest 7.5 watt wireless charging  supported by the iPhone 12, and older iPhone 11, 11 Pro, XR, XS, X, 8, 8+  as well as 10 watt fast wireless charging supported by the Samsung S/Note phones. It will also charge older Qi compatible phones at a decent 5 watt speed.

Fast wireless charger for iPhone 12 Pro Max
RAVpower fast wireless charger for iPhone 12 Pro, Mini, Pro Max is very compact 

The RAVPower Fast wireless charger Pad is very compact and light at just 2.8 oz making it an ideal travelling companion. This wireless charger for iPhone 12 has a non-slip charging surface and a tiny LED notification light which will not light up the entire room in dark like many other wireless chargers.

Best wireless charger for iPhone 12 Pro
The LED notification light on RAVPower Qi fast charger is small 

The RAVPower Fast wireless charger Pad comes with a compatible 2 amp AC adapter. The RAVPower Fast wireless charger Pad will fully charge iPhone 12 mini in about 3.5 hours.


  • Supports fastest wireless charging speed (7.5 watt) for iPhone 12 and older iPhone 11, 11 Pro, XR, XS, X, 8, and 8+
  • Fully charges iPhone 12 mini in about 3 hours & iPhone 12/12 Pro in 4 hours
  • Supports fastest wireless charging speed (10 watt) for Samsung S/Note phones and Pixels
  • Small notification LED
  • Good build quality and metal body
  • Can charge with protective cases up to 3 mm width
  • Grippy charging surface
  • Comes bundled with a wall charger
  • Very compact and light at 2.8 oz (90 gm)
  • Very well priced considering the included charger


  • It is a charging pad and phone has to be kept horizontally with screen facing up. A charger stand allows easy viewing of display.
  • It is a single coil charger and requires more precise positioning of phones on them than dual  coil wireless chargers such as Anker PowerWave II.

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