Portable AC Outlet:Power banks for Laptop+Phone

While charging you phone with a power bank, you may have often wondered – what if I could also charge my laptop or Macbook Air also with my power bank. The good news is that such power banks featuring an AC wall outlet – in addition to USB charging –  are already available in the market. You can use these power banks with portable wall outlets to charge ANY of your electrical devices that draw up to 100 watts of power!

The high expense on an  AC Power outlet powerbank  is  well worth it for business users or professionals – such as writers – or just any individuals who may need that few additional hours on the laptop or other electronic/camera equipment to finish that vital project or deal or presentation.

Portable AC outlet
Portable wall plug battery banks let you charge both your laptops and smartphones

There are a number of manufacturers making such powerbanks, but right now we will focus on the one that began offering portable power outlets in an extremely small form factor, making it possible to carry around such power banks with you. This is the Chargetech’s Chargeall series. the ChargeAll series power banks with AC outlets, as well as USB outlets, are available in battery capacities of 27,000 mAh.

ChargeTech ChargeAll Power bank Review

4 Stars

Review Summary: Latest version compares well with competition such as the RAVPower Universal Powerbank 27000 or NexGadget 24000 but the price is waaayyyy too much!

We recommend RAVPower Universal Powerbank 27000  if you need portable AC power outlet (<100 watt) and incredibly priced Poweradd Pilot Pro2 23000 if you just need a powerbank for laptop, CPAP, and smartphone and do not need an AC outlet. With highly-efficient direct DC output,  Poweradd Pilot Pro2 23000 delivers charging for all major laptop brands (+ smartphones) at same (or better) effective battery backup capacity as RAVPower Universal Powerbank 27000 but costs almost half!!

What We Like

  • Light for a 110/220 Volt AC outlet in your pocket (15 ounces or 425 gms)!
  • Excellent for professional users
  • 85 W is enough power for most slim modern laptops, especially those with SSDs such as Macbook Air
  • TSA approved! Vital for extending laptop use in flights
  • Two fast-charging USB ports for charging smartphones
  • Sleek Design with Black & White Color options
  • Fast 2.5 hours charging

What We Do Not like

The handy power bank is excellent for professionals
Black and white colors are available for the Chargeall series


What Can ChargeAll Power Banks Charge?

ChargeAll series power banks have two types of charging ports

  • Two fast charging (2.1 A) USB charging ports for charging smartphones & tablets
  • One 110 Volt AC wall plug outlet for charging any electrical device drawing up to 85 watts of power such as most light laptops such as Macbook Air, Microsoft Surface series laptops, Chromebooks etc.

Available Portable Battery Capacities

Chargeall series power banks are currently available in 27,000 mAh  battery capacity. Earlier, 12,000 mAh and 18,000 mAh versions were also available, but they have been discontinued as of now.

We believe that Chargetech  27,000 mAH offers excellent portable power solution for a wide variety of outdoor and emergency power needs…if you can afford it.

Flexibility and Options for Business Users

Chargetech Chargeall series portable AC outlet review
Chargeall series battery banks come in a sleek form factor

Having both USB charging ports and AC outlet in your power bank gives you incredible flexibility and options on business travel as you can extend the range of your workhorse laptop and your smartphone with a handy and lightweight device.

Such flexibility is also incredibly useful for emergency and outdoor purpose when sometimes you may have to operate a regular AC light or even a small fan for some time.

The Not So Rosy…

Well, all this flexibility and charging power comes at a somewhat steep cost when compared to other power banks with AC outlet such as the excellent RAVPower Universal Powerbank 27000 mAH. ChargeAll power banks cost much higher than most other competitors.

Reliability and Charging Performance

ChargeAll series power banks originated from an crowdfunding project on Indiegogo in 2015. Since then, after some initial hiccups, the product quality has become reliable and dependable with high reviews and product ratings on Amazon.

We found ChargeAll series 27,000 mAH battery bank to be an excellent and dependable performer in charging our test Macbook Air 2015, boosting its operating time by 7-10 hours at a time on an average !

Chargetech Chargeall vs. RAVPower Universal Powerbank

RAVPower Universal Powerbank 27000 mAH  is direct competitor to ChargeAll 27000 and also our top puck as portable AC outlet or laptop powerbank. RAVPower Universal Powerbank 27000 mAH  is a superior product that beats Chargeall 27000 when it comes to portability, versatality and build-quality.

RAVPower Universal Powerbank 27000 mAH offers 100W power output allowing you to run more heavy loads and AC equipment while Chargeall offers up to 85 W.

RAVPower Universal comes with USB-type C port allowing you to charge latest phones such as Samsung Galaxy S8, Nintendo Switch, the latest Macbooks and laptops directly using the powerbank. This also offers much higher charging efficiency compared to charging your Macbook through AC power.

RAVPower Universal’s smart fast charging 2.4 Amp port allows you to charge smartphones in less than half time than regular 1 amp ports.

RAVPower Universal is a  lighter powerbank with same battery capacity.

However, a ChargeAll series 27,000 mAH battery bank gets charged much faster – in just 2.5 hours – compared to the six hours taken by RAVPower Universal.

Both RAVPower Universal and Chargeall cost almost the same. However, in our opinion, RAVPower Universal Powerbank 27000 mAH offers a better build quality and a track-record of much better and responsive customer service.

If USB-C charging is a priority for you, we recommend going for the RAVPower Universal Powerbank 27000 mAH over the Chargetech Chargeall.

Tips and Suggestions for Use

AC devices draw non-uniform current from the outlet. this is especially true for motors, such as those in fans, which draw nearly twice their rated power while starting up! So a 20 watt fan will draw almost 40 watt while starting up. This fact must be kept in mind while charging electrical devices with motors from the portable AC outlet power banks.

Also, it is not recommended to operate heavy resistive loads – such as heaters – with the portable AC outlet battery banks as the load drawn by a heating system such as an electric kettle or induction cooker/kettle is way beyond the 85 watt limit.  It is highly recommended to look for the power rating (in watts) of your laptop before buying a portable AC power bank. Most often, you will find the power rating written on the laptop’s power brick and the user manual or on the same label as the laptop’s serial number.





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