Best USB-C Powerbanks

USB-C is fast becoming the standard charging and connectivity technology of choice among the latest released smartphones, laptops and even gaming devices. The latest released smartphones such as Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+, Motorola Moto Z, LG G6, Sony XZ and XZ Premium and Oneplus 5,  all support USB-C charging. Nintento Switch – the hot new gaming console – and most high-end laptops now support USB-C charging.

Anker USB-C battery bank for Galaxy S8
A 30-watt+ USB-C powerbank can charge Macbooks and other latest USB-C laptops, flagship phones such as Galaxy S8, iPads, and Nintendo Switch

USB-C is Google’s preferred and  recommended charging standard for th future Android phones and it is safe to assume that buying a USB-C powerbank is a future-proof investment as of now. Even better, if you have a QuickCharge 3.0 phone and plan to buy a powerbank, you can buy a dual QC 3.0 and USB-C powerbank such as RAVPower 20100 USB-C Input/Output with QC 3.0 for maximum compatibility and future-proof  usability.

Unfortunately the USB-C standard is highly confusing due to various versions/supported voltages and the vast range of power output it supports. We have, therefore, simplified the choice by recommending suitable USB-C powerbanks according to their exact supported charging modes.

Here is our selection of top 3 USB-C portable battery banks that deliver the best charging performance with robust and dependable build quality, best selection of features, and responsive customer care.

#1 RAVPower 20100 USB-C Input/Output with QC 3.0 (15 watt)

USB-C power bank reviews
RAVPower 20100 USB-C comes with both USB-C and QC 3.0 and can charge a Nintendo Switch while playing

RAVPower 20100 USB-C Input/Output with QC 3.0 is our top choice for USB-C powerbanks at present. RAVPower 20100 comes with USB-C Input (for charging the powerbank) and Output for charging your USB-C devices such as Galaxy S8. What is more, it also comes with the latest  QuickCharge 3.0 charging port, thus making it an excellent futureproof buy if you currently own a QC 3.0 or 2.0 smartphone and want compatibility with future released phones.

RAVPower 20100 USB-C Input/Output with QC 3.0 can be charged both by QC 3.0 charger or USB-C wall charger. Charging time for this massive 20100 powerbank is just 5 hours with QC 3.0- wall charger.

RAVPower 20100 has a total of 3 USB charging ports – one USB-C, one QC-3.0, and one smart 2.4 amp fast  charging USB port.

True 20100 mAh capacity of  RAVPower 20100 means that you can charge even the latest Samsung Galaxy S8 five times. Similarly, you can charge an iPhone 7  eight+ times and even charge iPad air fully once. A Nintendo Switch can be charged 3+ times with the RAVPower 20100.

RAVPower 20100 comes with a high quality QC 3.0 charger and is available at an unbeatable price, which when combines with RAVPower’s record of excellent customer service makes it the #1 USB-C powerbank in our list.


  • Best of both worlds – QuickCharge 3.0 Input/Output + USB-C Input/Output
  • Solid build quality
  • Comes with QC 3.0 charger
  • RAVPower’s excellent customer support/warranty
  • 13.4 oz weight
  • Price!


  • 15-watt max output is great for smartphones and Nintendo Switch but inadequate for charging Macbook/laptops
  • No USB-C reversible cable included

#2 RAVPower 20100 USB-C PD portable charger

30 watt- Recommended for USB-C laptops/Macbook/smartphones/Nintendo Switch

USB-C battery bank for macbook
Ravpower USB C PD 20100 delivers 30-watt charging power – adequate for Macbook + a USB-hub feature

Our second top choice is also from RAVPower, solely because of its incredible value for money proposition compared to the #3 in our list. RAVPower 20100 USB-C PD is the big brother to the RAVpower 20100 at #1 and delivers double its charging power (30 watt) – more than the original AC MacBook’s 29 watt wall charger. This means that it can charge your Macbook Air in the same time as it takes to charge by the original Apple wall charger.  We highly recommend this powerbank if you have a USB-C  laptop.

Another aspect in which RAVPower 20100 USB-C PD differs is that it comes with a  high quality USB-C wall charger. The high 30 watt charging power power, supplied USB-C wall charger, and excellent price point make this our #2 choice.

Another interesting feature supported by  RAVPower 20100 USB-C PD is the data transfer or hub feature. This means that while charging your laptop through thhe USB-C port, you can also connect a USB-disk to the USB-port’s of the powerbank and transfer files to the laptop. This is especially useful for many modern laptops that only come with USB-C ports and require special hubs to connect with regular USB-3.0 pendrives or external hard drives.

Why buy a 30 watt USB-C charger?

A 30 watt USB-C charger offers two big differences over lower-cost 15-watt or 10-watt chargers:

  • It will charge laptops and macbooks at their maximum 30 watt charging speed – effectively halving your charging time. A 30-watt charger also offers a reliable charging setup for high current drawing USB-C ultrabooks and laptops as lower wattage chargers can cause charging circuit failures and overload.
  • It can charge a Nintendo Switch AND the joy-cons  at the same time. Switch can draw as much as 18 watt of power while playing docked with joy-cons and this cannot be handled by lower-cost USB-C chargers which max out at 15 watt. So, in order to get the maximum charging speed for Switch, it is best to use a 30-watt charger.


  • Good true 20,100 mAH capacity
  • Sturdy build quality
  • 30-watt power – suitable for laptops
  • Comes with USB-C charger
  • Gets charged in just 4-hours with USB-C charger
  • RAVPower’s excellent customer support/warranty
  • USB hub feature – enables you to connect a USB-pendrive or hard disk for data transfer to the laptop while charging
  • 15v and 20 v USB-C output support
  • Price!


  • No USB-C reversible cable

#3  RAVPower 26800 USB-C PD 30-watt

 powerbank for macbook
Ravpower USB C PD 26800 has a massive battery – the maximum allowed by TSA with 30-watt heavy duty Macbook original equivilant charger

Our #3 pick is – incredibly enough- also from RAVPower. This speaks volumes for the lack of well priced USB-C powerbanks in the market. RAVPower 26800 USB-C PD has all of the same features as RAVpower 20100 PD but with one big difference – it has  a huge 26800 mAH battery – the maximum battery size allowed by TSA or international airlines on the flights for carry-on/cabin luggage.

The RAVPower 26800 USB-C PD can be charged in 4-5 hours with a USB-C wall charger.

This means that RAVPower 26800 USB-C PD can charge a Samsung Galaxy S8 almost 7 times (!!) and an iPhone 7 almost 10+ times.  A Nintendo Switch can be charged 4+ times.

Please note, that RAVPower 26800 USB-C PD comes with a USB-C reversible cable but does not come with a USB-C wall charger, which has to be bought separately. RAVPower 26800 USB-C PD also does not have the USB hub feature.


  • Massive true 26,800 mAH capacity – the max allowed in cabin baggage
  • Solid build quality
  • 30-watt power – suitable for laptops
  • Comes with USB-C reversible cable
  • 5v and 20v USB-C output support
  • RAVPower’s excellent customer support/warranty
  • Price!


  • No USB-C wall charger
  • No USB hub feature of RAVPower 20100 PD

#4 Anker PowerCore 20100 USB-C 15-watt

Anker USB-C powerbank for macbooks
Anker USB-C 20100 comes with 2 USB and 1 USB-C ports and is sleeker looking than RAVPower powerbanks

Anker PowerCore 20100 USB-C is a solid 15-watt USB-C charger that only loses out to our other picks due to its higher price. Anker PowerCore 20100 USB-C comes with one USB-C and two normal USB high speed charging ports. It is an excellent USB-C and USB charger with excellent build quality and is backed by Anker’s excellent customer service. Anker PowerCore 20100 USB-C also comes with two USB-C cables (2-foot and 3-foot).


  • Solid and sleek build
  • Anker’s well-known reliability and customer support
  • 10-position charging indicator


  • 15-watt only maximum power – inadequate for laptops/Macbook
  • High price

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